Class & Workshop Descriptions

  Group Classes


Beginning Salsa
Introducing the fundamentals of Salsa: basic steps, lady's outside turn (right turn), leader's left turn, cross body lead, head loop, and more. We focus on building leading and following skills, so that you not only can dance with your classmates but also anybody outside of this class.

Every month, a new beginning level Salsa dance sequence is taught  and reviewed through the 4-week period.

Intermediate Salsa 
Introducing more complex steps and patterns based on skills developed in the Beginning class. You will be doing different patterns with turns, cross body leads, and some styling. Continue to develop leading/ following and turning skills in order to prepare you for the next level.  Cross body lead inside turn is introduced.

Every month, a new intermediate level Salsa dance sequence is taught  and reviewed through the 4-week period.

Advanced Salsa
Introducing cross body lead inside turn's deriving patterns, double turns for followers, turns and spins for leaders, as well as shines (footwork) and styling. More complicated and challenging combinations are built at this stage; therefore, it is necessary for class participants to have a solid foundation in the basics and leading/ following techniques.

Every month, a new advanced level Salsa dance sequence, fusing partner work and shines together, is taught and reviewed through the 3-week period.


Argentine Tango
Beginning & Intermediate
Salon Style of Argentine Tango with focus on leading and following skills. The 8-count basico ( basic steps), walking, forward ochos, back ochos, and molinetes (windmill) to the left and to the right. A variety of Argentine Tango patterns  based on moves introduced in the beginning level and more.

Cha Cha
Beginning & Intermediate
A blend of Ballroom style and Club style Cha Cha. Introducing the basic step (from side to side), progressive basic, underarm turn, crossover breaks, cross body lead, styling, technique, and a variety of patterns.  Building leading and following skills has always been our focus.

Beginning & Intermediate
Ballroom style Rumba. Introducing the basic box steps, side  basic, underarm turn, cross body lead, crossover breaks, styling, technique, and a variety of patterns. Focus on leading and following techniques.

Series Group Classes/Drop- in Group Classes

Why Series Group Classes?

A series group class is one of the best ways to learn a new dance.  Classes are monthly progressive and meet once a week.  In a group class setting we begin with a dance pattern and build on it from week to week.  Each week we review material covered in the previous session(s) and add to what’s been previously learned.  Like building a pyramid, we start at the bottom, build it higher and higher while maintaining the solid foundation.  Our classes are challenging but fun!

The great advantage of taking our series group classes, as compared to drop-in classes, is that we will make sure that the dance patterns, figures, techniques and styling are taught to YOUR level.  We have many fun figures, techniques and styling tips to share with you and we will provide you with the necessary skills to enable you to master new dance patterns and figures.  So, no more wasting time struggling to learn, or being frustrated and/or intimidated by new steps!

Why Us?
What makes our series group classes stand out is that we don’t hold our students back—we really want you to learn.  There are many opportunities to dance with the instructors during class sessions.  All instructors join the group partner rotation and students are given individual and valuable tips on how to improve their dancing.  This personalized attention to detail is one of the many things our students appreciate about us.

You will really learn to dance in our series group classes, just as so many of our students do. We carefully plan each lesson so you can learn and at the same time find dancing easy and fun!

We Offer the Following Series Classes and Workshops
All series group classes start at the beginning of each month. Classes meet once a week. For more information, go to the Class Schedule page.
  • Salsa Beginning Series Class 
  • Salsa Intermediate Series Class 
  • Salsa Advanced Series Class  
  • Argentine Tango Workshop
  • Bachata Workshop
  • Cha Cha Workshop 
  • Rumba Workshop
  • Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop
  • Salsa Men's Footwork Workshop