Class Descriptions

Beginning Salsa Class for social dancing

Introducing the fundamentals of Salsa: basic steps, lady’s outside turn (right turn), leader’s left turn, cross body lead, head loop, and more. We focus on building leading and following skills, so that you not only can dance with your classmates but also anybody outside of this class.

Every month, a new beginning level Salsa dance sequence is taught and reviewed through the 4-week period

Intermediate Salsa Class for social dancing

Introducing more complex footwork and patterns based on skills developed in the Beginning class. You will be doing fun dance patterns built with more complex turns, crossbody leads, styling, and more. There are endless fun patterns to learn at this level. Most students repeat this class many times to accumulate a variety of dance patterns and to sharpen their skills, so they are ready for the social dance floor.

Every month, a new intermediate level Salsa dance sequence is taught and reviewed through the 4-week period.

Advanced Salsa Class for social dancing

Introducing advanced shines/ footwork, patterns with multiple turns for followers, turns and spins for leaders, as well as styling. More complicated and challenging combinations are built at this stage; therefore, it is necessary for class participants to have a solid foundation in the basics and leading/ following techniques.

Special Workshops

Special workshops are offered from time to time. Here are some of the workshops Tiffany has offered:

  • Leading/Following technique workshop
  • Styling and Body Movement workshop
  • Turns and Spins workshop
  • Shines and Footwork workshop
  • “Beatiful Feet” Foot Technique workshop
  • Timing and Musicality workshop
  • Bachata workshop
  • Cha Cha workshop
  • Argentine Tango workshop
  • Merengue workshop
  • Rumba (ballroom) workshop
Salsa Styling Workshop Tiffany Wu
Salsa workshop

Performance Teams

Learn choreography with the goal to perform on stage. It is challenging but can speed up your learning and dance presence in a relatively short period of time. Requires good foundation in footwork and turn patterns. Students need to have taken several months of intermediate level salsa training to qualify.

  • SalsaDreamz Student Team
  • SalsaDreamz Ladies Team
SalsaDreamz Student Performance Team

Special Events Teaching and/or Performance

Salsa classes and/or performance for parties, company events, community events, please contact us.

Private Lessons

Great way to get customized training to speed up your learning. See Private Lessons page.