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Master Instructor: Tiffany Wu 

Tiffany is known for being one of the few female instructors who can lead and follow at a professional level. Her deep understanding of both roles of dancing makes her teaching more efficient for students. She has been teaching Salsa and other latin dances for over a decade. Tiffany dances Salsa on“1” and on “2” as a follower and a leader. She continues to train with the best latin dancers in the world till this day.

Tiffany is a teacher, performer, choreographer, competitor, and the director of SalsaDreamz Dance Company. She has trained social dancers, performers, and competitors. She has developed a variety of classes which include weekly social dance group lessons, private lessons,  performance teams, workshops in techniques, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, turning, styling, leading and following etc. She has built a warm and supportive dance community with all races and genders in the heart of Oakalnd, especially with the weekly group classes offered there! 

Recent Choreographies

Fumando – choreography for SalsaDreamz performance team

La Toalla – same gender choreography for competition

Corte el Bunche – Solo performance

Mamacita- SalsaDreamz Student Team

Agua Que Va Caer – SalsaDreamz Amatuer

Beautiful- SalsaDreamz Ladies Team


World Salsa Summit 2018 Pro Same Gender Finalist

World Latin Dance Cup 2015 Latin Ladies 3rd place

World Latin Dance Cup 2015 Ladies Team Finalist

US Salsa Open 2009 – 2011 Champions and 2nd places in various divisions

Earlier Training

Ballroom instructor training – Linden Street Dance Studio with Bradley Montoya

Argentine Tango- Christy Cote

Salsa – on 1, on2, lead, and follow – various bay area and international instructors

Jazz and Modern – Jacqueline Burgess