Reviews from Students

Charlie Mac: “Tiffany’s classes are terrific! You get top notch instruction in a fun, inviting, and encouraging atmosphere. This is the place to go if you want to learn the basics, and more! Tiffany and her assistant instructors dance with each person in the class (leaders and followers), and give personalized, individual attention that accelerates the learning process.”

MJ Tason: “I have taken classes for quite some time now and I can honestly say that the attention you will receive is alot more than in most salsa classes. If you truly want to learn you will get the help you need. For me it is not only the attention but the warm enviornment that has caused me to stay and to consistently keep coming back,opposed to other places I have been( I have taken classes all over the bay and peninsula ). Overall the classes are fun and Tiffany is super kind! I highly recommend!”

Michael G: “If you want to learn Salsa, this is the place to do it. Typically when you go to a salsa class, all the students form a large circle with leaders partnered with followers. The instructor or instructors stand in the middle and demonstrate a dance move. The students then do their best to repeat the move. After a minute, or two you rotate partners. Unfortunately, you don’t always do the move correctly, and the person you are dancing with is trying to figure out the move as well. The more you rotate through partners the more frustrating it can get. Ugh!!! However, when you learn with Tiffany, you dance with Tiffany, and her awesome team consisting of Choy, Ling and Joe. In addition, her advanced students, intermediate students and her show team, typically attend the beginner class, so as a beginner you are consistently receiving positive encouragement while learning proper technique. This is a great place to learn! Thank you Tiffany & Team!”

R. Gonzalez: “Awesome class. It is a big class but the instructors pay a huge attention to details. You feel like you are getting individual attention constantly.”

Anthony W: “I should have reviewed Tiffany awhile ago. However, this is not about her general classes, although I’ve attended a few. This is about her private instruction. Tiffany is a excellent private instructor. Most instructors tend not to promote private instruction during their regular classes, but they really should. Let me just say if you really want to become a proficient Salsa dancer, you need to take private lessons. Let me repeat that: you need to take private lessons. Having the undivided attention of the instructor allows you to work on the subtle nuances of the dance ultimately making you a better dancer. Whether male or female you will benefit by private instruction.  Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s worth it. You should take as many private lessons as you can. As an older guy, I don’t go to clubs anymore, so dancing with Tiffany was great fun. Spend the money for private lessons, you’ll be glad you did. Another benefit is dancing to  the music you like.”

Tatiana: “Well, what can I say? The best salsa teacher I ever had. She knows both leading and following and very graceful when she dances. Her knowledge of the dance and skill level are beyond excellent. Classes are great from beginning to end. Very approachable and always giving students feedback on how to improve. She teaches from the heart. Highly recommend!”

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